An account that allows businesses to receive the payments by check is popularly known as member account. You member account is your online file. A member account can be created under a contract amid eCheck Merchant and a member of the settlement of the transactions. Members are legally held by the operating regulations or the agreement established by eCheck Merchant.

To apply for an account at first you have to fill up an online application form and after that one of our representatives will contact you.

To get paid, you just have to fill up the bank wire information data and the payout will be sent to you on the given date.

The transactions from Monday to Sunday will be done by the following Friday.

There are in total 5 stages of security in our gateway just to make sure that everything is into its position, secured and protected. Apart from the security programmed by eCheck Merchant, we even follow the same security policies by the PCI-DSS compliance authority.

Our office, eCheck Merchant is open from Sunday to Friday, 24 hours so that we can offer you with the best service. Our support team will respond to every possible queries or problems regarding your account.

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Yes, you can easily dispute a specific transaction.

Understanding eCheck Merchant

As a law:

The eCheck Merchant – necessitates some changes in the way your paid checks are handled. As a result, customers will notice some of their checks contained in their monthly statement look different.

The changes brought on by eCheck Merchant will improve check collection by automating many high-touch procedures. The result should be faster, more efficient clearing and posting of check payments.

eCheck Merchant creates a new legal document and that is known as ‘Substitute Check’, which acts as a testimony of the payment or for any other reason that requires an original cancelled check.

A substitute check is basically a legally sanctioned document, with all the rights and obligations given on the original check written from your check book. Substitute checks are actually paper copies which are created from electronic images of the original paper checks. In fact, each substitute check includes a statement identifying it as the legal copy of the actual or original check.

The eCheck Merchant supersedes any state law, including provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code or state laws that in consistency with this new federal law.

No, only images that meet the ‘substitute check’ requirements qualify. The typical check image statements are not considered as the substitute checks.

No, only images that meet the “substitute check” requirements qualify. Typical check image statements are not considered substitute checks.

The bank will return the check within 1 to 3 business days as we do 100% customer and bank verification; eCheck Merchant lessened this sort of issue.

Checks that you write should clear as soon as possible, raising the probability that some checks will be returned NSF if there were non-sufficient funds in the account when you wrote the check. Avoid writing checks for amounts which cannot be covered by funds already exist in your checking accounts.

No, even the banks will not guarantee the accessibility of the fund. It might be available on the time of verification but the fund might not be available even after 30 minutes.

Data Security

Phishing (articulated "angling") is a type of criminal movement that utilizes social designing strategies to obtain data, (for example, passwords, account numbers, PIN numbers, your Social Security number and record data). By taking on the appearance of a reliable individual or business in an evidently official electronic correspondence like email, hoodlums utilize advanced baits to "fish" for clients' passwords and record or individual data.

Every circumstance is extraordinary. We'll work with you to settle on the best choices dependent on the idea of the trade off and what information you shared.

They take many forms, but most are similar in tone – they look fraudulent.

Identity theft

Data fraud happens when a criminal acquires your own data to take cash from your records, open new Visas, apply for credits, lease lofts and carry out different wrongdoings — all utilizing your identity. These demonstrations can harm your acknowledge, abandon you with undesirable bills and cause you incalculable hours and dissatisfaction to demonstrate your great innocence.

Identity fraud begins with the abuse of your own data, for example, your name and Social Security number, MasterCard numbers, or other money related record data.

The most ideal approach to discover is to screen your records and bank proclamations every month, and check your credit provide details regarding a standard premise. In the event that you check your credit report routinely, you might most likely farthest point the harm brought about by wholesale fraud.