We offer the definition of integrity as like acting in accordance with the values of honesty and fairness- along with responsibility, excellence and wherever we do business. The most important element of integrity is compliance, a strict adherence to various laws and to our own internal regulations.

Our systematic Compliance System is usually divided into three action levels: Prevent, Detect and Respond. This diligent methodical process leaves nothing to chance, and also ensures absolute compliance to various laws and regulations externally as well as internally.

Consumer Protection System

Effective, risk management process is critical in ensuring compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations. It has also gained much importance with the presence of new technologies, various dynamic product innovation, and also the ever changing size as well as the speed of transactions in the financial services market.

OFAC Compliance

The increasing possibility of various US businesses, will have foreign suppliers or clients, indeed makes it imperative for them to understand the workings carried out by the Office of Foreign Asset Control compliance. Businesses are indeed responsible for following OFAC regulations which are designed to halt terrorist and various other unlawful funds circulation.