Expand the market base and boost the sales

When you offer eChecks to your clients you widen up the payment methods from them. This payment method is extremely beneficial for clients as they will not have to worry about any frauds any longer and there will be lesser instances of identity theft. It becomes easier to detect bad checks due to the security checks of customer authentication and account validation involved with eChecks.

Security and smartness at one tip

With the most secure data processing techniques, we make sure that there are lesser dependence on paper checks, thus contributing to a greener environment. Thus, we take a small and smart step towards the future from our end.

Increased efficiency and decrease in the risks of frauds

There is a lesser dependency on the number of people required to process the data and check handling which means that there will be a lesser risk of the chances of any fraud or error in the data processing method. All this is achieved with an automated data processing technique that is invincible. The database is regularly monitored to decrease the rates of frauds by eliminating the negative accounts.

Increased levels of security

If you are looking for the most advanced level of security then eCheck Merchant has brought for you exactly that. With secured features like three step encryption and message authentication facilities, data processing becomes the most trusted for the users.

Careful validation

We make it a rule to verify the identities of the sender and receiver of the eCheck so that the transactions are directed to the right destination. only after all the details are verified thoroughly, is the transaction initiated which makes it easier for the sender to be assured that no transaction goes unnoticed from him.